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R K Narayan

Maharaja High School, also called ‘Rajas Free School’, has already completed 175 years of service to the cause of education. The school was started, initially as a primary school, in Mysore, the cultural capital of Karnataka, in the year 1833 by his highness Mummadi Krishna Raja Wodeyar. For some time the school was located in Nazarabad. In 1863, the school was upgraded to High School. In the year 1879, the college classes were also started. In the year 1893, the school and college were shifted to the present Maharaja College Building. After the commencement of the University of Mysore, classes up to intermediate were shifted temporarily to Jaganmohan Palace. It was the British who were heading the institution up to 1916. The High School and P. U. College were shifted to the present building in the year 1921. In the year 1972, two year P.U.C. came into existence.

‘Rajas Free School’ has a glorious past. It has a rich tradition, culture and tremendous reputation all over Karnataka. This esteemed institution has produced eminent scholars, poets, novelists, legislators, members of parliament, scientists, technologists, administrators, sports persons and so on. Students of those days were proud to get a seat in this institution. This institution has also nurtured excellent teachers, head masters and principals.

It is a matter of pride that Karnataka’s former Chief Minister D. Devaraj Urs, noted cartoonist R. K. Lakshman, journalist Venkata Krishnaiah (Tataiah), artist Varadachar, Journalist Khadri Shamanna, novelists R. K. Narayan and Chaduranga, famous photojournalist T.S. Satyan, scientist and M.R. Srinivasan were students of this great school.

Maharaja High School completed 150 years of service in 1983. But the celebrations were held in February, 1987, for three days. Late Swami Somanathanandaji, D.V. Urs, Agaram Rangaiah, H. Kempe Gowda were actively involved in organizing the event. Now these personalities are not alive. But the services and guidances of Sri. Vedanta Hemmige, Prof. P.M. Chikka Boaraiah, Dr. M.S. Nagaraja Rao, Dr. C. D. Srinivasa Murthy and B.S. Sridhara Raj Urs who were associated with the 150 years celebrations are available to us.

To commemorate the event, it is planned to build “Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar Auditorium,” and his statue surrounded by a fountain in front of the institution, bring out a commemorative Souvenir, which includes write ups, articles from scholars, old students, history of the institution - in short a souvenir of high value.

Renovation of Gymnasium Hall, conversion of the existing Hall into a well equipped seminar hall, and to establish a corpus fund for the benefit of high school students are some of the wonderful plans of the celebration committee. After the establishment of the fund, the interest accrued would be given as scholarship to deserving students.

The 175 years celebration committee has Sri. H. Vishwanath - M.P. , Sri. S. R. Mahesh - M.L.A. and G. Madhusudan - M.L.C. as Honorable Presidents, Sri. B.S. Sridhar Raj Urs as working president and Sri. M. Nagaraju, the young and energetic present Principal of the P.U. College as General Secretary. In addition, eminent people from various walks of life who are retired from service and some eminent persons still in service are members of the committee. Their dedication and devoted efforts augur well for the grand celebration.

The 175 years celebration was inaugurated on 14th Nov. 1009. The foundation stone of the Mummadi Krishna Raja Wodeyar auditorium will be laid. As part of the celebrations, a seminar on Wodeyar and Karnataka Culture and city and district level cultural and sports competitions are being conducted. The celebrations /programmes will continue till Jan 2011.

For the huge success of these celebrations, we need encouragement, valuable suggestions and whole hearted donations from old students, well wishers and philanthropists, and from those who are presently working as teachers and lecturers in the Maharaja High School and PU College. Cheques/DDs should be drawn in favour of “Maharaja’s High School and Pre-Univeristy College Alumni Association.” In case of contributions made in excess of Ten Thousand, the interest accrued on it will be given as scholarship to deserving students in the name of the donor. Donors name will be published in the Souvenir.

We pray to Mysore Goddess Sri Chamundeshwari to bless all concerned to make the 175 years celebrations a grand success.

Office Bearers and Members
Maharaja High School and PU College
175 years celebration committee

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